Three tips for a small business.

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   Three Tips for A Small Business.

As we start the new year, here are some tips for starting a sustainable homewares business.. 

Since starting our sustainable homewares company three-years ago,I have learnt its a complex and long journey which needs constant review and support. But I believe you can use business as a tool for change!

Here are three tips for growing a sustainable design business from nothing.

What I have learnt. 


1. “ Big things have small beginnings”. I believe in starting small and to keep refining ideas. My collection began with five designs. I debuted at "First In Style" part of the wholesale show Which is a great platform for new designers. I still have many of the same retailers. Its a lasting investment.

2.“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”by Sir Winston Churchill. Start converstions with like minded people, share and grow together. I started this journey with Katee Blizard we crossed paths because we have the same belief of creating to make a difference, her openness and positivity has been an inspiration and so exciting to see her grow!  Her company is a great hub of tools and resources.

3.“Always celebrate your wins. Big or small.”Leigh Shulman.

Celebrate your achievements and your peers achievements along every step of the way, however big or small they may be. It not only strengths your connections with people but from a psychological point of view, celebrating releases endorphins and leads to a more positive work practise and studies show your brain will create strong links and less burn out. More about this at Mindtools.


 What are you tips for starting something new?

Please share in comments below.

All the best xx


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