5% of profits go to Surfers Against Sewage

Designer Homewares & Gifts

Eco Friendly Products made from Sustainable Bamboo and organic fabrics.


Designer Eco friendly Homewares to create a more sustainable lifestyle .

Eco Friendly Homewares and Gifts made with sustainable materials; replace single use plastic with reusable bamboo bowls, serving bowls, bamboo lunch boxes, bamboo cups, bamboo plates and a bamboo chopping board. For use inside and outside; at home, camping, in the garden, on a picnic, or to take a healthy lunch to work or school.

Shop Locally made textiles with natural sustainable fabrics and eco friendly dyes and organic cottons.

All designs inspired by nature and sea life.

We contribute back with 5% of profits going to restoring the sea, in partnership with Surfers against Sewage.  

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Tips for starting a Sustainable Homewares Business..

Tips for starting a Sustainable Homewares Business..

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The Mightily Important Coral Reef

The Mightily Important Coral Reef

The living-breathing ecosystem of a coral reef is small (relatively speaking) but mightily important. Coral reefs cover about 1% of the ocean however; over 25% of all marine creatures depend on the reef at one stage in during their life cycle. Many people also reply upon on this fragile ecological community, for example, an estimated $6.4 billion per year and 65,000 jobs added to the Australian economy from the Great Barrier Reef alone.