The Beauty of Bamboo

bamboo plant


 ‘When we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something by nature we call it progress”

Ed Bedgley Jr summing up the kind of consumerism which has damaged our precious planet.

 It is not my idea of progress.

 Here at Emilie OConnor Homestore we love to create. We love designs and beautifully made products but we don’t want to promote the kind of consumerism Ed Bedgley Jr so strikingly highlights. In the shadow of ‘progress’ we have trodden too many heavy footprints with no foresight into the way we step or what we step on. 

 ‘Its not always what you do, but instead, how you do it. ‘

 Of course, no manufacturing is without its footprints but we are committed to sustainable home-ware production making that footprint as small, kind and gentle to the earth as possible. 




And we want you to cherish your Homewares , not just for the way they look but also for what little impact they are having on the planet. So it’s OUT with single use plastics that clog up the oceans, kill fish and destroy the atmosphere and IN with the renewables…. 

 Here’s the renewable we are currently OBSESSED with, (our first range is made out of it) to show case its beauty we thought we would share our five favourite eco-friendly Bamboo based facts….


  1. Of the earth and biodegradable. Unlike plastic, which will stick around for years to come, and poison unsuspecting creatures of the ocean, bamboo is a natural plant. It will break down more quickly and naturally into the earth.
  2. Bamboo is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants. Unlike the humble oak or some endangered species of eucalyptus, it only takes 3- 5 years to grow and can be harvested frequently with little damage to its surroundings. It also uses very little water to grow.
  3. It has some surprisingly inspiring characteristics. It looks weak, but is incredibly strong (stronger than steal by weight). And is “ flexible yet firmly rooted” (a feeling sometimes found from a good yoga class?!). It’s also dishwasher safe and lightweight.
  4. It is naturally antibacterial. No need for pesky pesticides polluting the atmosphere, hurray! It’s actually, a contributor to the environment, producing heaps of oxygen as it lives.
  5. Its being used in some surprising places. From helping to heal with environmentally friendly plaster,to helping to house, being used as the structure for new affordable homes in countries like Vietnam or used to build a temporary hotel by Penda 

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Are you IN? Share this facts with your littlies and loved ones and lets carry on the conversation….. If you have any of your own bamboo based facts please share below…


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