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    3Pk Beeswax/ Vegan Food Wraps with Dugong Design

    Wrap it once to keep it safe, twice to keep it nice. Wrap it with love and know you're helping to make the world cleaner. Dugong food wraps. Three pack...

    Bamboo Bowls with Blue Wave Design

    Even though I'm busy, running a business from home and everything else a supermum does, there's no better feeling than knowing I've got dinner ready to go and it looks...

    Bamboo Bowls with Dugong Design

    What did I do today? I helped save the oceans today. How? If I told you, it will bowl you over. This fun dugong serving bowl comes with chopping board...

    Bamboo Bowls with Pink Coral Design

    When we get together there's always a bit of competition. So I pull out my secret weapon and kiss goodbye to single use plastic glad wrap / cling film.  Stylish...

    Bamboo cup and plate with Green Turtle design

    Little hands on these fill me with joy because we talk about the Green Turtle one of my favourite animals! This Green turtle cup and plate combo is made with...

    Bamboo cup with green turtle design

    Little hands on these fill me with joy because we talk about the Green Turtles. Do you know why green turtles are called green turtles? This bamboo cup with a...

    Bamboo Cups with Blue Wave Design

    $10.50 $9.95
    This isn't just a cup. This is a statement. It says, "Yes, we could have used plastic, but you know what?  I care." Bamboo cups with blue wave design, use in...

    Bamboo Cups with Dugong Design

    $10.50 $9.95
    Yes, they're grey, but they hold a secret magical power: Everyone that drinks from them feels better. Printed dugong cups for everyday use. Made with sustainable bamboo fibre , and...

    Bamboo cups with Pink Coral design

    $10.50 $9.95
    When was the last time a friend took a picture of your cups to try to find a dress to match them? Pink coral printed cups for hot or cold...

    Bamboo Lunch Box with blue wave design

    The office fridge is a jumble of plastic horrors and when I put this in there I know I'm going to have a great day. This beautiful blue bamboo lunchbox...

    Bamboo lunch box with Dugong Print

    Falafel, edamame, and qoina. That's what you'll usually find in here. And a bit of sweet chilli sauce because I like a little spice. This printed dugong lunch box comes with...

    Bamboo Lunch box with pink coral design

    You know what these say, because she deserves it. And You know what? You do too. The pink coral print is inspired by love for the sea and sea animals,...

    Bamboo lunchbox with green turtle design

    Even if I have the morning from hell, sitting down to lunch with this brings me back and makes me feel special again. Bamboo lunchbox with green turtles, made wooden...

    Bamboo Plate with Blue Wave Design

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I love my plates, and it makes lunch taste better too. Our  blue wave design plates are popular for at home, BBQ's, camping, in the...

    Bamboo plate with green turtle design

    I slip these into my bag when we go out to the park because they make snacks special. Bamboo plate with green turtle design for adults or kids. Perfect for...


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