Connecting, creating and contributing in the face of Covid-19

Connecting, creating and contributing in the face of Covid-19
The outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been described by the UK’s
Prime Minister, as the ‘worst public health crisis in a generation’. In Australia,
Scott Morrison is urging people to stay at home- everyday life is on
hold. In the face of this uncertainty, fear and constant news updates, very
naturally, our mental and emotional heath can suffer.

Stay At Home

‘You don’t know what’s behind the closed door’ – Trinny London .

When we are faced with uncertainty we often think of the worst that can happen.
It’s not our fault – blame our brains – it is hardwired to attune to threat for
survival and not to process endless uncertainty. What if we could practice
pausing for a moment, anchoring in the truth that we don’t know what will
happen, indeed, what’s behind that closed door.
We found this in a thought-provoking article on Positive Luxury  – on
staying positive in these challenging times. It’s inspired us to share some good
news in the hope it will give you some comforting thoughts in this unsettling
All around the world, people are coming together and connecting in a positive
and meaningful way.

1. From one social media post, a whole country came together to thank those on
the front line of the Corona Crisis. On Thursday evening at 8pm, claps and cheers
sung out across the pavements of Britain in support of the incredible NHS. Clap for the NHS

2. Some of the very best elements of human nature are prevailing - from
neighbours connecting and offering to help each other in previously forgotten
ways; volunteers signing up in the hundreds of thousands (so far over 750,000 to
help the UK’s NHS) to turn the tide on Covid-19; and celebs like Blake Lively and
Ryan Reynolds giving $1millon to relief charities.As social distancing forces us to stay home, support groups are popping up all over the world. Facebook report hundreds of thousands of people in the UK,
America and Australia have set up local support groups for the virus.

Children Clapping for NHS

3. Inspired by the Italians singing patriotic songs from their balconies. James Silla
has founded ‘sofa singers’; an online solution to global isolation, bringing
together their first virtual choir of over 500 people from around the world with
more and more people joining every day. Find out more here.

4. Surfers Against Sewage, the Charity you support with every Emilie O’Connor
Homeware product you buy, are going strong and offering helpful and well-
researched advice for those still wishing to get their daily exercise from the sea.
You can find out more here:

5. Reduction in worldwide travel has allowed nature to breathe once more. The
canals of Venice ran clear, witnessing the brief return of wildlife for the first time
in decades and global pollution levels have dropped considerably. Obviously this
is a short-term response to a global pandemic but could it have a lasting impact
in the face of another, more long-term crisis? We certainty hope so. You can read
more here:

Venice clear waters , March 2020
For now, in these crazy times, little reminders of how resilient we can be,
especially together, is helping us navigate the choppy waters of uncertainty.
It’s also made us more grateful than ever for all the support you have given us in
our first couple of years. As we too sail into the unknown, we thank you and hope
you will stay with us, continuing to support small independent designers.


Love Emilie and The Team x

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