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Eco Friendly Sustainable Living

Eco Friendly Sustainable Living

Things To Do In These Challenging Times.

News Ideas for Outdoor Spaces and Things To Do in these Challenging Times.

‘ Do remember they cannot cancel the spring ' David Hockey.
In a locked down world we find ourselves making the most of the hours we can
spend outside. Our gardens and green spaces have become an oasis in the in
stark horizon of days spent indoors. The UK is in full bloom, the shades of spring
lifting sprits and in Australia, Autumnal hues are reminders that everything
changes and that this too, shall pass.
This week is mental health awareness week in the UK. Outdoor spaces play a
crucial role in our well-being (Mind, UK). And yet, in recent decades we have lost
sight of the importance of them. Could a crisis bring this back into focus? Our
outdoor spaces can become more than just a garden, they can become a
classroom, office, kitchen and more’ as  wrote in her recent article in
the Daily Telegraph.


Inspired by Anna we wanted to share our own easy ways finding joy outside and

putting these spaces to good use..

1. Picnic time.
Local parks or back garden make the perfect place for a picnic in nature. Pack
your favourite treats to bring along and keep your colourful salads fresh in
our nature inspired range of bamboo dinnerware. SHOP NOW


2. Outdoor classrooms
Mix up the at home schooling with a nature walk. If you live in a city take time to
stop at green spaces and notice the plants that are growing or the tree’s that are
in your area. What do they look like at this time of year? Teach your little ones
(and maybe yourself!) about the life cycle of plants and the seasons.

3. Take ten in the garden
Take a break in your garden. Why not try a meditation? Set a timer on your
phone for 10 minuets and try this exercise… Find a seat or lay your head back in
the grass. Close your eyes. Take a few slow long breaths. Then see if you can
focus on the comings and goings of sounds around you. Without getting caught
up in them, become curious and notice all the sounds of your garden or local
park. When ever your mind wonders, gently remind yourself to keep coming
back to the sounds around you. Where do they begin and end? Finally come back
to your breath fro a few moments. To finish… Open your eyes and take in all the
colours and sights around you.

4. Plant seeds
Yes, I know it’s old news but all the amazing gardening that’s been going on in
lockdown still constantly inspires us. Even the smallest space can be designed
with nature. Whether your lucky to have a green space of your own or perhaps
you have a balcony or a window ledge - all can be transformed and brought to
life with the addition of a few of your favourite plants or flowers. We love House
and Garden’s ideas for urban gardens.

Photo by Rachel Whiting for House and Garden

5. Draw, sketch and colour
Get creative in your garden or park. Set a side some time to take a pencil or
paintbrush and pad outdoors. A lovely thing to do with the whole family and
compare your creations after! Remind yourself that you do not have to be good
at something to enjoy it!

6. Give back
The charity we support, Surfers Against Sewage, help to organise beach clean
ups all around the UK’s costs. These may not be running at the moment but we
can still use our time spent walking on the beach to do our bit, to help keep
beaches and coastal environments clear for wildlife. As Johann Hari describes in
his book ‘Lost Connections’ time spent out doors with a positive purpose can
provide a way to reconnect with ourselves and feel part of a wider community,
which can have a huge impact on our overall mental health!

Please do let us know how you go and we hope you enjoy!

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