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Eco Friendly Sustainable Living

Eco Friendly Sustainable Living

Summer salads in the wilds, sandy sandwiches and forest feasts.

A handful of our favourite UK picnic spots, just in time for national picnic week.

National Picnic week is just around the corner (21 st – 30 th June) and in
celebration we thought we’d share our top five favourite picnic spots. From
forest feasts to avoiding sandy sandwiches we take a look at the most dreamy
picnic spots the UK has to offer and share some environmentally conscious tips
to help us keep them that way.
1. Rock, in North Cornwall. Set on the stunning coastline, surrounded by
green rolling hills and with it’s own mini sailing boat harbour gazing
across to nearby Padstow. Visit Fee’s Food for some scrummy locally
made picnic goodies and designer bamboo tableware then head out on a
walk across the headland to build up appetite. Find a spot along the
coastal path to avoid crowds and sandy sandwiches. Barsk in the beauty
of the British country side, delicious local food and wild flowers before
heading back to the beach and if you’re feeling brave a dip in the Atlantic

Fee's food
2. The Lake District is home to some of the most breath taking scenery and
enchanting hidden picnic spots. It is a world heritage sight and Britons’ largest
park. Follow one of the many walking routes and find yourself deep in
Whinlatter, Englands’, only true Mountain Forest. At 790 meters above sea level
it offers amazing views of the Lake District and into Scotland. There are marked
trails and picnic benches so no need to worry about where to park yourselves.
This area of outstanding natural beauty and is home to many exquisite and
endangered species of wildlife - You might be lucky enough to spot a red deer, or
even Britain’s only nesting pairs of Golden Eagles and Ospreys.
Remember we are invading their home so take care to leave no trace and look
after your surroundings. (AND – why spoil the simple elegance of a picnic with
lots of plastic and rubbish)! We recommend reducing waste with a eco-friendly
bamboo tableware and food wrap rap that you can use again and sticking to the
marked paths.

3. Fancy a delicious alfresco eating experience with other worldly backdrop?
Then head to the mystical Isle of Skye – in Scotland. In this area you can
free camp and it makes for a real adventure for the whole family. If you
prefer some home comforts (I wouldn’t blame you!) we recommend
hiring a van from Quirky Campers and grabbing your reusable bamboo
picnic sets to keep rubbish on the minimum. This area feels almost
untouched by modern life and we recon it needs to stay that way - take
lots of pictures but be sure to leave only footprints.

4. Staying closer to home is always a lovely option too! Why not keep it chill
and just move outside to enjoy your garden. It’s minimal fuss and eating
outside is the perfect excuse to get everyone together! Adorn your table
with some colourful plates, cups and delicious salads, get the BBQ stocked
up and grab your favourite summer cocktail! Cheers!

5. Did you know London also has a pic of the most beautiful picnic spots in
the UK? Head to Richmond Park and share your view with a herd of native
dear. Plonk yourself on some dear nibbled grass, a fallen tree or make it
extra comfy with an Atlantic Picnic Blanket

If you want to keep it closer to the centre we recommend trotting down
High Street Ken, into Hyde Park and set up next to the Serpentine Pond.
Another wonderful option is to hike up Hampstead Heath, the hike will
make the goodies taste so much better – trust me! From here you can
then enjoy a view of the city whist savouring British summer time’s
simple pleasure – the picnic.




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